How to Create a Pie Chart Using Only HTML and CSS

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Build a simple Pie Chart with HTML and CSS

In this post, I will show you how to create a pie chart using HTML and CSS.

You can create a Pie Chart in HTML using a simple CSS function called conic-gradient.

First, we add an element to our HTML page, which acts as a placeholder for our pie chart.

We need to provide a width and a height to the element, which determine the size of our pie chart:

.piechart {

    width: 400px;

    height: 400px;


Then, we need to make our pie chart circle-shaped by setting the border-radius value to 50%:

.piechart {

    border-radius: 50%;


And finally we are ready to populate the pie chart with our data.

2500 (50%)
#4BD9851000 (20%)
1500 (30%)

To apply these values to our pie chart, we need to partition it into 3 sections, a section for each asset. To create the sections, we can use the conic-gradient CSS function. Each section has a color, a start position and a stop position.

For example, Laptop is represented by the Yellow (#FFBA1C) color and has 50% of the total asset. Therefore, we want a Yellow section from 0% to 50%.

Then, we want to plot a Green (#4BD985) section representing the Desktop, which has 20% of the total asset. This results in a green section going from 50% to 70%.

Similarly, to represent the CCTV we want a Purple (#B827FF) section going from 70% to 100%.

At the end we will have the following CSS background property:

.piechart {

    background-image: conic-gradient( #FFBA1C 0% 50%, #4BD985 50% 70%, #B827FF 70% 100%);


If you want to control pie chart value dynamically, use inline value:

That's all. How to create a pie chart in CSS.

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