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1. Being a DBA what all measures you will follow to make SQL SERVER more secure?

  • When possible, use Windows Authentication logins instead of SQL Server logins
  • Using server, database and application roles to control access to the data
  • Using an unguessable SA password
  • If possible, disable and rename the sa account
  • Restricting physical access to the SQL Server
  • Disabling the Guest account
  • Minimize the number of sys admins allowed to access SQL Server.
  • Give users the least amount of permissions they need to perform their job.
  • Use stored procedures or views to allow users to access data instead of letting them directly access tables.
  • Don’t grant permissions to the public database role.
  • Remove user login IDs who no longer need access to SQL Server.
  • Avoid creating network shares on any SQL Server.
  • Turn on login auditing so you can see who has succeeded, and failed, to login.
  •  Ensure that your SQL Servers are behind a firewall and are not exposed directly to the Internet.
  • Do not use DBO users as application logins
  • Firewall restrictions ensure that only the SQL Server listening port is available on the database server.
  • Apply the latest security updates / patches

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